Pitch an Idea

Pitch an idea to to us!

After our first Diversity Matters Collective we’re super charged to open up our platform to work with active and motivated individuals/organisations to collaborative with for 2018! Whether it’s a great workshop, training or event idea – we’re all ears! For the right ideas which fit with our aims, we’ll support implement them collectively.

Submit your innovative ideas and solutions that meet one or more of our key focuses addressing race equality in the work and education place:

  • Workshops; ideas for a engaging workshops
  • Facilitators; experienced facilitators able to curate content
  • Trainers; experienced workshop trainers
  • Social media; bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers with content ideas
  • Business Strategy
  • Advisory Board

What should I include when submitting an idea?

Provide a title with meaning

The title should be succinct and tell us what your idea is about. Use a few well chosen words to ensure that the reviewer will be able to quickly grasp what your idea relates to.

The body of your submission

The description should be clear and concise, with an outline of the idea detailed in the very first paragraph. The description should also contain all the pertinent information. Sentences should be kept short and to the point. If you have any websites you wish to link to, the URLs should also be in the description.

Please identify a relevant challenge when submitting your idea. Ideas can be submitted using the form below. CLICK HERE