The UK’s BIGGEST Diversity Matters Awareness Day Campaign

Diversity is a word to celebrate! 

We’re on a mission to create “The UK’s biggest Diversity Matters Awareness Day” event yet!

Quite often when it comes to addressing issues of Race Equality and Inclusion, many of us find it uncomfortable and prefer to brush topics under the carpet which leave marginalised voices unheard.

Whether it is work or education related or in education, dismissing ‘race’ as problematic  only leads to the exact opposite intentions of wonderful things formed through having an inclusive society.

The UK’s Biggest Diversity Matters Awareness Day will be a space which is open to all who are ready to celebrate equality, and well as do their part to implement it too (in big or small ways, we’ll give examples how)!

It is an initiative by Kai Lutterodt, Founder of Diversity Matters and Let’s do Lunch Network. Kai and the Diversity Matters team are passionate about celebrating diversity and believe  equality, is for everyone, not a privileged few.

With your help in funding this project, we will be able to:

  • create an exciting day full of creative workshops, artists, musicians, marketplace, art fair, food market, panelists and speakers,
  • address those topics which often make us most uncomfortable; race, sexuality, mental health, and disability, in a non-judgemental space.
  • adequate funding means we can make the day FREE for all to attend!
  • We are aiming to spread Diversity Matters Day to different cities and various sectors!

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To get in touch with us via email: or find us at @diversitymUK  Facebook: @diversitymattersuk Instagram: @diversitymattersuk

You can find out more about Diversity Matters initiatives at OR contact us

Change is on our hands – lets join together!