Diversity Matters Awareness Week:

Fred Kuwornu

“It was a great event , part of an awesome initiative, kudos!” – Angelo Boccato

It may take 2, 5,10, 20 or even a century to be recognized,but wonderful initiative like this don’t just pass by they live an outstanding mark in our society an a indispensable contribution for our future generations. I have the opportunity to feel a beautiful sense of nostalgia when I listen to post Independence/pan-african music of the 60-70s and while dancing I can Imagine my parents in their teenage grace, I am grateful for this because young and naive enterprising risk takers decide to try and document their era through their music.Every one should be a testimony of his own time and this Is what U Kai Li , Fred Kuwornu and this Diversity Matters Movement stand For, My children’s children will be then in the future to be able to understand my era.Well Done. #realrecorgnizesreal” – Stefania Omorodion

“It was a fantastic after event!” – Fabio Tedde aka Pianist Without

Personal Growth from cultural experiences through travel

Thank you for putting together such a great event, I particularly liked the first two speakers“- Maria Luisa

Creating Safe Spaces for Women of Colour

“Even though there were a lot of disturbances I enjoyed the session More so because it was Real! and not picture perfect – whatever that means!”- Jacqui Ennis Cole