Diversity Matters is a UK-based platform which offers a range of services suitable for organisations or individuals interested in diversity, representation and race matters. We participate, organise and/or facilitate the following services:

Community Events:

  • Public speaking, conferences/panel discussions
  •  Training and consultancy projects
  • Community development and engagement
  • Advertising community events connected to race and representation



  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Self-care for Women of Colour
  • Self-care in the Work place
  • Let’s Talk About Race film-screening and workshop
  • Exploring representation through art


Other services include:

  • Participatory film project “What does diversity mean to you?” at your work or education place
  • Art and design collaborative projects
  • Race relations research
  • Diversity Matters Spotlight interviews for blogs/YouTube
  • Diversity Matters Outreach (offering workshops in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya)

For further enquiries on the services we offer, please CONTACT US! We’d love to work with you!