Our “Brexit” Plegde

Our Brexit pledge for Black European unity…

Though Brexit means Britain will exit the European Union in the years to come, for us at Diversity Matters it’s an important “wake up call” and opportunity to start establishing strong ties with our African-European counterparts across the continent. More than ever we believe there’s a need to create a union with our Black and Brown activists spread across Europe!

So we’ve created a pledge – giving ourselves 2 years to connect, engage and collaborate with other African-Diaspora European platforms promoting diversity, and create a support network before Britain fully leaves the European Union.

“Let this be an opportunity to unite us. To know other members of our family (the Black diaspora in Europe). Let’s not let Brexit divide us – but to reinforce our similarities, offer collaborations and build solid foundations together” – Stefania, Diversity activist, Afro-Italian living in London.

Brexit doesn’t mean we should lose our “Afropean” solidarity…

Take the pledge with us! Simply contact us with a collaboration proposal and let’s work together to spread the message of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Kai, Diversity Matters founder

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