Karen Safo – Barnieh

Speaking at “The Black Blogosphere” Weds 25th April 6pm

Karen, having recently been selected as the Future of Ghana 30U30 2018 is a pioneer for equality and justice. Karen is the Founder of The Black Voyager, a platform highlighting aspects of travel that are less prominent in the industry. In doing so, The Black Voyager’s mantra is to occupy unfamiliar spaces and be unapologetic in the skin you are in.

She is also the founder of Youth Development Ghana, a project aiming to raise awareness of the child trafficking and slave labor in the cocoa, fishing and farming industries in Ghana since the age of 17.

Karen had been recognised for her contribution to law and human rights as a reciepient of a scholarship from UCLA. Karen was also selected by the Social Mobility Foundation to complete an internship with Hardwick Building Chambers and and nominated as a 100 of Britians Future Leaders 2017.

One thought on “Karen Safo – Barnieh

  1. Good afternoon, trying to trace a school mate with the surname Safo-Barnieh, who left St. John’s Grammar School in Ghana in 1978. Would he be any relation of yours?


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