Diversity Matters GIJ

Diversity Matters GIJ was formed in October 2016, inaugurated by Kai Lutterodt as an extension of Diversity Matters UK, run by students of Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). Diversity Matters GIJ will act as a central hub for discussing matters of Pan-Africanism in the Arts and Media, as well as our wider society in general.

The society is lead by Princess Erwina Ndom. For further information, to join Diversity Matters GIJ or for collaboration opportunities please email Princess princessndom@gmail.com. 



Diversity Matters GIJ Society members will be collaborating to support Action Through Enterprise (ATE); is a young, vibrant charity working to reduce poverty in Lawra, located in a neglected corner of the Upper West Region of Ghana. ATE works with the local community on initiatives to support education, enterprise, equality and social change. GIJ students are able to offer creative skills workshops as part of Diversity Matters Beyond Borders outreach to support social change,

Here is a taster of ATE projects and initiatives:


In Lawra, where months at a time of food insecurity and hunger have the biggest impacts on children, we deliver a school feeding programme to 930 children in schools across the district. The guarantee of a free school meal encourages children to go to school, improves concentration in the classroom, and their chances of completing their basic education for a brighter future. We are currently exploring ways to better support girls and boys not to drop out of school through gender-aware forums and workshops. CLICK HERE for more!

Diversity Matters is fundraising to support Diversity Matters GIJ (Ghana Institute of Journalism) students to collaborate with ATE by creative skills workshops and awareness initiatives in Lawra!

Join us on the 14th March 2017 at University of the Arts London (UAL) for the Diversity Matters Beyond Borders Outreach launch and fundraiser ! To support, donate or collaborate please email: info@diversity-matters.org.uk.

For general enquiries about Diversity Matters or to start up a society at your institution please email info@diversity-matters.org.uk

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