“Diversity Matters: Let’s Talk About Race” short film of interviews

First previewed during “Diversity Matters Awareness Week” at “why does race matter in my learning environment?” 21st April 2016, this short film of interviewes by Kai Lutterodt seeks to explore students and staff’s views on what diversity means to them, and how it is reflected in their academic learning environment. Part of the discourse around race matters.

Diversity Matters: Let’s Talk About Race” short film draft version (pt1 and pt2) is available on Diversity Matter YouTube Channel. Please support by subscribing for more videos! CLICK HERE.

Request to screen the short film and order supporting literature, please contact Kai kai@diversity-matters.org.uk

Special thanks to UAL Teaching and Learning Exchange, UAL Widening and Participation, UAL Diversity Team, GEMS, Black Blossoms, Shades of Noir and all student and staff contributors of “Diversity Matters: Let’s Talk About Race”:

  • Angela Drisdale-Gordon, UAL Head of FE
  • Luizi, Film and TV LCC
  • Khawla, Journalism LCC
  • Yvonne, Foundation LCC
  • Anna, 3D fx of Performance Design LCF
  • Samia UAL alumna, artist and activist
  • Maria-Louisa LCC alumna
  • Katy, Performance Design and Practice CSM
  • Damian, Games Design LCC
  • Christina, Fine Arts – Chelsea College of Arts
  • Piyumi, MA Applied Imagination CSM
  • Melodie Holliday, Foundation course tutor
  • Maryam, UAL student
  • Samina MA Applied Imagination CSM
  • Lucy Panesar, Academic support lecturer LCF
  • Jorge, CSM MA International student CSM
  • Ellie, Games Design LCC
  • Michelle, CSM student
  • Amanda-Jayne, LCF alumna, photographer and activist
  • Kenny, Sound Art and Design LCC
  • Tiffany, Sculpture Camberwell College of Arts
  • Ana Oppenheim, SUARTS Campaigns Officer
  • Malia Bouatti, NUS Black Students’ Campaign Officer
  • Hansika Jethnani, elected SUARTS Education Officer 2016/17
  • Lloyd Blair, co-ordinator of the Print Space at LCC
  • Terry Finnigan, Head of Student Attainment at LCF
  • Tanicia Payne – co-Chair of GEMS (UAL Black staff network)
  • Head of College LCF and Pro-Vice Chancellor for UAL
  • Jennifer Williams-Baffoe – UAL Associate Lecturer and Technology Enhancement Learning co-ordinator
  • Vicky, LCC student
  • Susan Orr – Dean of Learning, Teaching & Enhancement UAL
  • Mark Crawley – Dean of Students UAL
  • Baba, LCC student
  • Stephanie, LCC student
  • Zoe Shaughnessy, MSc in Applied Psychology in Fashion LCF

All images ©Kai Lutterodt. Pop-out poster flyer designed by Dorcas Creates

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