Divercity Arts Project

Divercity Arts Project: Creating opportunities for diverse emerging artists

“Diversity is the ART of thinking independently TOGETHER”


Divercity Arts Project artists and project founder Kai Lutterodt at Camden Market

The Divercity Arts Project initiative was launched in July 2016 as a platform to support gifted emerging artists from diverse backgrounds enhance their enterprise skills. Our first project was funded by UAL Careers and Employability, allowed us to reach out to artists from socially diverse areas and lower-income house-holds to attend workshops, be mentored by industry creative professionals, create works for sale – and sell at Camden Market over the summer.

Our next Divercity Arts Project is about bringing diversity into your office through art! We support over 15 talented London-based artists who’s heritage and culture is reflected in their works. If your company or organisation would be interested in supporting or commissioning a Divercity Arts Project exhibition or art work for your offices – please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Email kai@diversity-matters.org.uk



Gabriel Choto, artist

Habiba: “I feel strongly about having honest representation and a platform to celebrate diversity when it comes to artists of colour showing their work. This is a perfect opportunity for that, which I would love to be a part of.”

Gabriel: “As a black student who specialises in contemporary African art painting, I have found myself enjoying being part of social groups where I share similar interests with students that are like-minded.”

Steffi: “Coming out of education, I feel a lack of content towards the system and the need to delve myself in “genuine” creative projects. I think this opportunity would be great for my own personal growth in terms of transitioning out of university into a working environment, and I feel that I can contribute positively to a team.”


Kourtney Stuart-Mason, artist


Shaequan: I would like the opportunity to showcase my works and talents amongst like minded individual.”

Abital: “Lack of opportunity within the ethnic minority community has always been somewhat an issue, being able to have such a great platform like this is something that I would love to be a part of. This platform will give my work the light it needs and show people what I am capable of doing…”


Laura Elgueta, artist and Amanda-Jayne Easmon


Collaborate with us! We’re always looking for spaces to platform our emerging arts works; markets, shopping centres, cafes, shops, street markets… You name it! If you’d be interested in supporting this initiative, or you’re an artist wanting to get involves – email Kai! kai@diversity-matters.org.uk