Divercity Arts Project

Divercity Arts Project July 2016!

Diversity Matters and UAL Careers and Employability have teamed up to bring you an exciting opportunity to create and sell your creative works in a “The Apprentice”-style art project starting this summer!

This project offers an opportunity for any students who feel marginalised or are from lower-income house-holds, to experience an empowering opportunity to attend workshops, be mentored by industry creative professionals, create works for sale – and sell! Students will be encouraged to explore their cultural intersections – often ignored or oppressed in favour of a Eurocentric curriculum taught in Higher Education institutions.

The 2-week program offers students to keep profit made from sales PLUS the group, with the highest earners wins an amazing prize! Each group will received a grant of £250 to cover costs of creating items for sale. Fully funded opportunity by UAL Careers and Employability with The Big Draw offering the winning team a sales platform in their online shop!

You must be able to commit to the project for a the full 2 weeks from 4th – 17th July 2016Deadline 28th June – apply today! 

Applications are now CLOSED. Late entrants may still be considered. CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 23.13.08

Diversity Matters zine workshop. Photo credit: Kai Lutterodt

Our 15 successful applicants and why they applied: 


Gabriel Choto: “As a black student who specialises in contemporary African art painting, I have found myself enjoying being part of social groups where I share similar interests with students that are like-minded.”

Laura Elgueta: “Being apart of the BAME Arts group, I’m very interested in having the opportunity to sell my works.”

Kevin Chambers: “This will be perfect opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded people. Also a chance to learn new valuable skills that can be used in the future. I take this on board to widen my knowledge that will further help shape my future.”

Rhian Spencer: “Studying at Camberwell College of The Arts my experience was difficult in the beginning, I felt very alone, I felt excluded, as there was only one other representation of my race within my course at the time…”


Gabriel Choto, artist

Habiba Nabisubi: “I feel strongly about having honest representation and a platform to celebrate diversity when it comes to artists of colour showing their work. This is a perfect opportunity for that, which I would love to be a part of.”

Steffi Nylén: “Coming out of education, I feel a lack of content towards the system and the need to delve myself in “genuine” creative projects. I think this opportunity would be great for my own personal growth in terms of transitioning out of university into a working environment, and I feel that I can contribute positively to a team.”

Priscilla Esmel: “I’m interested in Interior Design or others which relate to interior design”


Kourtney Stuart-Mason, artist

Sarah Setunjogi: “I intend to set up my own creative business in which I will be selling customised jackets. So being apart of the project will mean I can gain an incite in how something like this will work from start to finish.”

Patricia Mbula Vidan: “I feel this is fantastic opportunity that would be silly not to take advantage of an opportunity like this. It would also be a great chance to get more active with putting my work out there and learning how being an artist who sells their work is actually like”

Shaequan Bell: I would like the opportunity to showcase my works and talents amongst like minded individual.”

Amanda-Jayne Easmon: ” I would love to participate in this as I am a creative person and passionate about it in the arts. I love working in a team as this means meeting new people and also working together with ideas to create something”

Abital Karimazondo: “Lack of opportunity within the ethnic minority has always been somewhat an issue, being able to have such a great platform like this is something that I would love to be a part of. This platform will give my work the light it needs and show people what I am capable of doing…”


Laura Elgueta, artist and Amanda-Jayne Easmon

Ridgeway Mazvimavi: As a film student, I am very keen to take on this opportunity as it is more of an opportunity to learn new skills and refine existing ones. In film, I focus more on technical and digital competencies; this will really enable me to expand my hands on crafting. In addition, it will allow me to network with my peers and that I would not normally interact be able to.”

Kourtney Stuart-Mason: “I’m interested in this opportunity because it will allow me to develop both my independent and collaborative skills within my art practice, furthermore, gain a clear understanding how to sell artwork on a professional level. This project sounds pretty fun and I look forward to collaborating with many other interesting individuals with amazing practices!”

Mamiko Yamazaki: “I have been feeling marginalised in the course. I would like to take this project as an opportunity to express my culture through art. It should be encouraged more in our multi-cultural society”

Yumi Park: “It is amazing opportunity work with other artists as a team. As i am a painter, we get teamwork works very rarely.
It may help and develop my career and my work. I’d love to have this opportunity.”

Our facilitators:


Roshnee Desai, a LCC alumna, is a multi-media designer and motion film artist from India. She has had 9 years of experience working for companies like MTV India, Landor Associates and Saffron Brand Consultants. She is currently the Design Lead and Channel Director at Culture Machine in Mumbai. Her work has been featured by BBC Radio, Vogue India, France 5, amongst others. www.RosneeDesai.com


Melodie Holliday is an Artist whose work often explores what it means to be Black, British and Female. She is also a Lecturer at UAL teaching on the Foundation Course at LCC, for 8 years. Melodie has just won the coveted UAL 2016 Teaching Award and is also alumni. She successfully gained an MA in Enterprise And Management For Creative Artists at The London College Of Communications and is a Graduate of Greenwich University where she completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Melodie is a singer and lyricist for the Punk Band Art Trip and The Static Sound. NME described her as “delivers her witty vocals like a 21st Century Johnny Rotten”.


Riccardo Girardi’s path is quite unconventional: from artist to fire fighter, working around the world on cruise ships to arriving in London where he’s officially recognised as a very talented artist. His work often deals with social and political themes. He believes in art as a weapon to influence society. Ballpoint pens and pencil, common tools for communication become in the capable hands of Riccardo instruments to create masterpieces of art.


Kai Lutterodt is the founder of Diversity Matters, and curator of Divercity Arts Project; a project proposed to UAL Careers and Employability to support emerging student arts from diverse backgrounds who feel marginalised, and help them gain enterprise skills and confidence in their creativity. Find out more about Kai CLICK HERE

Look out for Divercity Arts Project stalls Camden Lock Market is 15th and 16th July 10 – 6pm. Sign up via our Eventbrite link to register and come down to support us! =>> CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for Divercity Arts Project in pictures!

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The Project:


Divercity Arts Project day 1… More pics on our Facebook page CLICK HERE!

Monday 4th – 8th July (9th July optional): Divercity Art Project workshops begin 11am – 4pm at (LCC). Group work created to sell at Camden Lock Market, mentoring from industry professionals, specialist workshops on enterprise skills.

Monday 11th July – 14th July: Group production work (workshop rooms booked however not facilitated)

Thursday 14th July: She Creates – Graduates Futures Week workshop CLICK HERE to book

Friday 15th – 16th July (17th optional): Sell at Camden Market! Arrive by 8am ready to set up – and get selling!


Well we did say this is a “The Apprentice”-style project so naturally there is some element of ‘healthy competition’! The team with the highest profit earnings from items sold at Camden Market will get to showcase their products on The Big Draw website – and sell in their online store!

PLUS! We’ll in the process of securing a stall at AfroPunk Festival this Sept for more enterprise opportunities… Stay posted for more info!

We’re excited to announce support from The Big Draw! Divercity Arts Project will have a page on The Big Draw online shop giving our emerging artists a platform to sell their works created from Divercity Arts Project!

Collaborate with us! We’re always looking for spaces to platform our emerging arts works; markets, shopping centres, cafes, shops, street markets… You name it! If you’d be interested in supporting this initiative alongside University of the Arts London (UAL), SUARTS (UAL Students Union) and Diversity Matters, please email Kai kai@diversity-matters.org.uk

Supported by:

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