Social Media enthusiasts wanted!

In this day and age we live in, getting our message across to the right people that ‘diversity matters‘ could be as easy as pressing a button! With social media readily accessible, and virtually at the tips of our fingers –  it’s never been easier to promote the cause of Diversity Matters!

We’re seeking social media enthusiasts who are able to volunteer a number of hours a week towards our cause. We don’t expect you to know every from your SEO’s to SMM’s, however having the passion about promoting cultural and racial diversity, plus basic social media knowledge is a start!

The team we’re aiming to build will potentially boost the Diversity Matters brand to the next level! By running our social media platforms you’ll be increasing our customer engagement, helping to build our business and promoting awareness.

Ways we need your help:

SMM (Social Media Marketing) Services
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Blogs
  • Profile maintenance
  • Profile optimisation (to get us found)
  • Content management (including written and video, plus editing guest bloggers content)
  • Custom branded social media backgrounds and graphics
  • Social media networking daily, weekly and monthly plans
  • Blog post and YouTube video Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media share button integration
  • Social media icon integration
  • Other innovative solutions

If you are able contribute in anyway please get in touch! If there are other skills you have you’d like to share to support the Diversity Matters brand, please get in touch or find out more about the Diversity Matters Collective! Send us an email or use the form below to reach out!