Diversity Matters Collective


Diversity Matters Collective: Be the Change!

Diversity Matters is an innovative community interest platform offering a fresh new approach to how we talk about diversity.

We’re all about equality, representation, and inclusion… And it’s only through collaboration that we can continue to advocate the change we want to see… Diversity!

The Diversity Matters Collective is an opportunity for creative individuals, students, professionals and organisations passionate about diversity, to share their skills with us to create maximum impact!

Whatever our skills or experience, if you’re passionate about diversity and inclusion – we’d love to work with you.


Diversity Matters Collective 

  • An online hub for creatives to network
  • Share your skills to help expand the Diversity Matters brand and become part of the organisation
  • Experts needed; bloggers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, artists, academics, web designers, creatives, marketing and social media managers, workshop facilitators and simply someone who’s interested in what we do!

Join us for our Diversity Matters Collective workshop on the 9th Nov 2017 at ThoughtWorks London. CLICK HERE to book!

We welcome collaboration from individuals and organisations. Please get in contact if you’d like to have a conversation with us about an event or project. hello@diversity-matters.org.uk or express your interest in joining the collective by filling in this form

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