Diversity Matters is an innovative community-interest platform offering a fresh new approach to how we talk about diversity. We’re all about equality, representation, and inclusion… And it’s only through collaboration that we can continue to advocate the change we want to see!

We’re a small team of passionate individuals volunteering our time to advocate for change. We rely not just on funding, but the time and expertise of our collaborators to keep our platform relevant!

Find out about the variety of Diversity Matters initiatives you can be involved in supporting – both in the UK and beyond! See our initiatives below

If you’d like to be involved with us in any other way please reach out at


Diversity Matters Uni Society

Are you a student at University or College interested in setting up a ‘Student’s Union’ Society which promotes diversity, representation and equality?… Then running a Diversity Matters Society could be the platform you need!

Diversity Matters Beyond Borders

Diversity Matters Beyond Borders supports initiatives in communities across Ghana, Kenya and Uganda by working with organisations to empower marginalised children, youth, and families. We believe strongly in the “Unity in Diversity” motto

Guest Bloggers

Got an opinion you’d like to express? We’re seeking informative, educational, entertaining, research and opinion pieces centred around cultural diversity to share with our growing audience. Whether it’s a book or film review, current affairs or motivational advice – we could publish your work on our blog.

Social Media enthusiasts wanted!

We’re seeking social media enthusiasts who are able to volunteer a number of hours a week towards our cause. We don’t expect you to know every from your SEO’s to SMM’s, however having the passion about promoting cultural and racial diversity, plus basic social media knowledge is a start!