Do we really Accept Others as They Are?

Written by Sandra Larson.

Unconditional acceptance and love are seemed to be the simplest things we could give to others. But do we really accept people as they are?

Society is divided into two types of people: those who accept you and those who don’t. Let’s see the main diversity problems of the modern world that affect the way we take humans.

Top Diversity Issues Affecting Our Perception of Differences among People

You easily accept yourself because it’s human nature to believe we are intelligent and dignified to be completely accepted by society as well. But current diversity concerns around the globe show that’s not always true. According to the recent research conducted by diversity specialists, the most frequent reasons for emerging issues are as follows:

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#1 Lack of Awareness

Most people don’t even realise how diverse people are. Although this issue is currently discussed everywhere in the social media, people still don’t completely understand how it is important to respect differences between us. Development of awareness about equality acts and other law and regulations will help people come to grips with the social issues.

#2 Communication Difficulties

Immigrants who are coming from overseas speak different languages than you do. Very often, if you get a job in a new country, you will face the troubles with comprehending the tasks assigned to you as English is not your mother tongue, for example. It causes mistakes and low productivity at workplace.

#3 Need for Specialists

When it comes to implementation the acts or new rules on treating diverse employees at the workplace, it occurs that there is a lack of people who can handle the changes effectively and successfully.

#4 Need for Better Management

Employers face challenges that are connected to the managing process. For instance, when there is a misunderstanding or a kind of conflict between a newbie with a different cultural background and a long-standing worker, a manager might not tackle this problem because he/she is not experienced enough in solving such problems. There should be launched special training for HR managers to teach them to understand and use the appropriate ways of resolving the situation.


Photo credit: Diversity Matters

“Accept Me for Who I Am”

There are no uniform guidelines on accepting people with different beliefs or opinions. It’s your personal responsibility to learn the ways you can regard others as a part of your environment. Most of us are afraid of comprehension failure or wrong beliefs. Often we do not accept other stances because we are scared that ours can turn to be wrong. But don’t worry if somebody gives stronger arguments to provide evidence to his/her points of view. Be open to criticism, and you will learn how to control your own behaviour. New opinions are not bad; they are just different. If a person is having another viewpoint, it doesn’t mean that he/she wants to hurt you or attack you with different words. Everybody is a personality. Just keep this in mind the next time you wish to argue.

Learn to be emphatic. Instead of blaming others, learn to listen to what they say. Try yourself in the shoes of a person you consider to do something incorrectly. Be prepared to acknowledge diverse opinions. You shouldn’t deviate from your personal minds on the discussed topic, just try to hear what another person feels about it.


Photo credit: Diversity Matters

“What do people think of me?”

Are you currently asking this question? If you are willing to find out, just ask others. Don’t fear of being not accepted. Figure out what are your strengths and weaknesses as per your friend’s words, for instance, and try to use this information effectively. Those who can accept their weaknesses are very strong from within as they can criticise

It’s important to realise that you should treat another individual the way you wish to be accepted by others. Be more respectful and mindful to those who surround you, and they will give you mindfulness back. Tell the others about the importance of being mindful and promote the awareness about diversity.

Sandra Larson is a freelance writer at She used to work as a professor of Literature from 2008 to 2010. She left this job at the beginning of 2011 and decided to become a freelancer. Now, she successfully combines copywriting duties with online literature instructing and personal life.

One thought on “Do we really Accept Others as They Are?

  1. Accepting people for who they are is something that comes from within. The environment surrounding you also dictates how you respond to people and their personality. Most times, when a given neighborhood or community appreciates and welcomes people with different morals, culture, and behavior than theirs, the residents tend to respond appropriately. However the reverse is the case, if over time the residents have built a habit of being hostile to newcomers, others will follow suit. Therefore it all boils down to accepting others and treating them in the same way you would desire, were you to be in their situation.


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