Diversity Matters Beyond Borders: Back to School for ACO

We’re fast approaching that time of year already!

The beginning of the year symbolically marks the start of fresh opportunities, a new season… and back to school!

We’re therefore very excited to extended our support for Albinism Crisis Outreach (ACO) with “Diversity Matters Beyond Borders: Back to School” campaign!

Lydia and Kai

Sisterhood: selfie with Lydia

Thanks to your ongoing support, in June 2017 Diversity Matters was able to sponsor ACO (Albinism Crisis Outreach) and Women and Children with albinism‘s International Albinism Awareness Day in Uganda. During my time working with ACO, I had the privilege of spending time with Lydia – a young ambitious Ugandan with albinism who has her aims set high on attending university to become a social worker.

Lydia UG

Diversity Matters Beyond Borders: Kai with Lydia at International Albinism Awareness Day 2017

Lydia is now amongst the first of just two people with albinism to be awarded a government scholarship to cover her school fees on the basis of having a disability. Many people with albinism in Uganda aren’t aware they are entitled to apply for scholarships under the category PWD (persons with disabilities)/ PWA (persons with albinism) due to eye health and skin sensitivity.

Our Back to School fundraiser is to support some of the young people and children we met in the care of ACO, to cover their school supplies and other essential items.

Fridah's children

Fridah’s children; Ivan, Allan, Kato, and Joan for school essentials (excluding fees)

Dorcas and Mary

Siblings Docas and Mary in the care of ACO

Lydia and Brenda PWA

Acceptance: Doreen (ACO founder) with Lydia and Brenda the first PWA to get a Government scholarship which will cover their fees at Makerere University


We’re supporting ACO who’s aim it is to change the negative perspections associated to people with albinism, and enable those most marginalised to get a fair chance in life through education. “Gone are the days of negative attitude, like Albinos don’t go to school. If they do they are poor can’t afford requirements so they don’t fit in society. There is hope for employment now, and we fight for our rights. But the image won’t change unless we practically do some thing.” Doreen Nawejje, founder of ACO shared.

Items being fundraised for include:
– Beddings, i.e mattresses, bedsheets, blankets

– Laptops for those attending university/ further education
– Stationary items i.e note books, pens, pencils etc
– Sun creams
– School uniforms and protective clothing
– School trips
– AfriPads reusable sanitary towels


AfriPads were amongst the items donated during our outreach visits with ACO in June

All funds and items will be received through CEO, Nawejje Doreen, who along with her team, have been tirelessly advocating for people with albinism across Uganda.
The ACO and Women & Children with Albinism office is located at Makerere Hill road Nsangi house next to Chez Johnson Hotel Nakulabye.

Before and after: Dorcas and Mary settle into Divine School after being recused from their village.
Inclusion:Funds will also cover school trips and outings

Before leaving Uganda, myself and the ACO team were able to meet with Honourable Cabinet Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Amelia Anne Kyambadde, and win her pledge to offer ongoing support for ACO’s work to empower people with albinism.

meeting with Honourable Amelia Anne Kyambadde

ACO team; Doreen and Diane, Honourable Amelia Anne Kyambadde (in red), Doreen Babirye representing Roll out the Barrel Trust, and Kai Lutterodt – founder of Diversity Matters

Please support in what ever way you can – no amount is too small. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation via GoFundMe, or mail me for enquiries, collaboration or sponsorship kai@diversity-matters.org.uk

Join the Diversity Matters Beyond Borders Facebook group for updates and don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ Diversity Matters Facebook page!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Happy 2018!

Kai and the Diversity Matters team



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