Diversity is for Life, not just a Season!

“Tis the season to be jolly…”

During the festive season, here’s a gentle reminder that ‘Diversity is for life, not just a season!’

We’ve experienced that of all the various form of diversity, race is often the one left unaddressed – ‘brushed under the carpet’. It’s become a bit of a taboo word in many organisations and even society. However how do we expect change to happen if we don’t address those ‘uncomfortable’ topics and agendas, many of which are deeply steeped in colonial history?

And addressing race once a year (if that!) in the form of Black History Month just isn’t enough. This is why we’ve launched Diversity Matters Awareness Week 2018 in a collective effort to address race agendas in FE (further education) and HE (Higher Education) institutions across the UK!

DMAW 2018 theme is “WHO REPRESENTS ME?!”

2018’s theme addresses race equality and intersecting forms of diversity. We believe that by leading with race agendas, we put those marginalised and underrepresented at the forefront of discussion, and implementing solutions.

We work collectively with experienced trainers and facilitators passionate about bringing change. Our workshops, talks, seminars and creative projects will be curated to tackle the hosting organisations requirements.

DMAW18 events will include these topics and more:

  • Unconscious bias
  • Representation and inclusion
  • Race Matters and intersecting forms of diversity; sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, disability
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Allyship
  • Safe Spaces for marginalised groups
  • Mental health and wellbeing

Target audience include:

  • BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) students and staff
  • Non-BAME allies
  • Senior management representatives
  • International students
  • Student Union societies
  • Anyone interested in culture change towards equality and inclusion

We welcome organisations who value diversity to join our campaign in addressing race equality in education, either as a host or an associate partner of DMAW18 which will run for 32 weeks across the UK from April – December 2018!  Find out how your institution or company can get involved email kai@diversity-matters.org.uk

Season’s Greetings from Kai and the Diversity Matters team!

DM season's greetings

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