#DMSpotlight: Misogynoir and the well-being of black women

Misogynoir is misogyny directed towards black women where race and gender both play roles in bias. It was coined by queer black feminist Moya Bailey, who created the term to address misogyny directed toward black women in American visual and popular culture. This week’s #DMSpotlight captures a dynamic discussion addressing misogynoir and how it affects the well-being of black women.


I think misogynoir is really dangerous to the well being of black women, because it can come from black men…. So often as black women, we’re forced to choose between our gender or our race.” – Tobi Oredein

There are two real important factors, things that that affect us as black women because of misogynoir; the first we are isolated, and secondly – we’re exhausted!” –  Kehryse Johnson

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Filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt

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