#DMSpotlight: Brexit doesn’t mean we should lose our “Black in Europe” solidarity!

Almost year and a half after the announcement of whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union (leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%, source BBC), this week’s #DMSpotlight quote serves as a reminder of unity through our shared ‘lived experiences’ and intersecting histories…

Brexit doesn’t mean we should lose our ‘Black in Europe’ solidarity! Let this be an opportunity to unite us. To know other members of our family (the Black diaspora in Europe). Not to divide us – but to reinforce our similarities, collaborate and build solid foundations together” – Stephania, African-Italian living in London.

Non sono straniera, sono solo STRA NERA” – “I am not a stranger, I am only BLACKER” as worn by on Stephania, t-shirt by Mancamelanina Records


Black Italians: Fred Kuwornu and UAL student Stephania

CLICK HERE for our Brexit Pledge to connect, engage and collaborate with other African-Diaspora European platforms promoting diversity, and create a support network!

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