Diversity Matters Collective: How it went at ThoughtWorks Soho

The first Diversity Matters Collective workshop took place at ThoughtWorks Soho on the 9th November… We’re still buzzing from the sheer level of engagement and productivity we experienced!

The next steps for Diversity Matters is to form an Diversity Matters Advisory Board (CLICK HERE to apply) and offer collective members and associates an opportunity to Pitch an idea (CLICK HERE to pitch) for those interested in collaborating with us!

We’re in the process of planning a part II #DMCollective workshop for those of you who missed out (CLICK HERE to sign up to our newsletter – we’ll keep you posted on future events and workshops), Diversity Matters Platform networking events, amongst other workshops and trainings we’ll be offering to organisations and corporations.

We value your feedback to help us improve and structure future events which will meet your satisfaction. If you attended the workshop, please take a few moments to fill out our feedback form CLICK HERE

Photo credit Danielle Bruce-Tagoe

A special thank you goes out to our friends at HueTribe for providing beautiful complimentary greeting cards for guests, Vapiano for the ‘food for thought’ (pizza for days!), and ThoughtWorks for providing a safe space for honest and open discussion.


DM Collective #DMCollective

We’ve set up a Facebook group; Diversity Matters Collective which we’d encourage you to join to share ideas, projects, events addressing social change CLICK HERE

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