Diversity Matters Collective Workshop

The first Diversity Matters Collective workshop took place on the 9th Nov 2017 at ThoughtWorks Soho. Attendees from a range of sectors and industries interested in the topic centred around race equality and inclusion, arrived at the centrally-located open-plan office of our partners ThoughtWorks; revolutionising software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change.

The evening kicked off with a drinks networking reception, with food generously provided by Vapiano, and soon transitioned into the main space where the session began.

In order to meet our aims and objects promoting race equality in the work and education place, we’ve had to find a means to for growth which would allow for collaboration of shared skills. Since launching in April 2016, we’ve had a number of enquiries from individuals enquiring about how they can get involved in what we at Diversity Matters. We’re all about equality, representation, and inclusion. And it’s only through collaboration that we can actively continue to advocate the change we want to see… That’s why we’re excited about Diversity Matters Collective and its potential to create maximum impact collectively!

Diversity Matters Collective workshop gave attendees an opportunity to explore ideas addressing race equality in the work and education place.

Photo credit: Danielle Bruce-Tagoe


The event included:

  • An introduction to Diversity Matters, our mission and past events
  • Interactive exercises showcasing vast expertise and skills of attendees
  • A presentation from each workshops group outlining key challenges in the workplace and suggestions on how to implement change
  • An emphasis on allyship; race equality and representation isn’t exclusively a ‘BAME’ (Black, Asian and minority) issue. The discourse and means to implementing solutions should include support from non-BAME allies.
  • What’s next: Pitch an Idea, Diversity Matters Advisory Board and Diversity Matters Platform networking sessions
DM Collective workshop3

“What we (our workshop group) wanted to tackle was eduction, and specifically diversity in the curriculum… This is where companies and organisations like that can go to these educational institutions and really challenge the curriculum…” Ade, Blacticulate


“In order for us to make change, we have to have empathy on both sides… I think it’s important that when we’re doing culture change work we give people the freedom to be vulnerable without judging and shaming.” – Nova Reid 

DM Collective lobby 4 change

“… it’s ultimately about getting Government to change things; that how women got their rights, that how ethnic minorities got their rights – it’s through lobbying” Moe Choice

DM Collective

‘Is it discrimination or is it habit?… And how do we break that habit so that diversity is not just; “I have a black colleague, or there’s a disabled person in our office…”‘ – Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile

DM Collective Amy Lynch

“Kai brought this up earlier, around the fact that people just don’t seem to want to talk about race. If you’re not talking about it then there’s going to be no action, if there’s no action then things will not improve.” Amy Lynch



Photo credit: Amanda-Jayne Easmon

The next steps for the Diversity Matters Collective 2018

The next steps for Diversity Matters is to form a Diversity Matters Advisory Board (CLICK HERE to apply) and offer collective members and associates an opportunity to Pitch an idea (CLICK HERE to pitch) for those interested in collaborating with us!

  • Pitch an Idea: we are open to receiving proposals from individuals and organisations for workshops: events, or guest blogger proposals
  • DMAW18: Diversity Matters Awareness Week 2018 hosted by universities across the UK
  • Diversity Matters platform quarterly networking event for all with presentations/showcase opportunities from collective members
  • Diversity Matters Advisory Board: geared at experienced practitioners passionate about our mission and able to offer the support needed for Diversity Matters to expand.
  • Let’s Talk contact us to to discuss ways you can use your skills to support the work we’re doing hello@diversity-matters.org.uk

If you missed our workshop, we’ll be running another Diversity Matters Collective workshop in January 2018 – keep an eye out on the Diversity Matters Collective page CLICK HERE, or sign up to our newsletter to stay posted on events and opportunities CLICK HERE!

DM Collective #DMCollective

Join he conversation! Find out how we can support your organisation reach its equality and diversity goals – contact us! hello@diversity-matters.org.uk

This event was supported by:

We’d love to hear your feedback of our workshop on the 9th Nov CLICK HERE. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the box below!

We’re always on the look out for venues to host our collective workshops and social events. If your company’s values are in sync with ours, why not sponsor a Diversity Matters Collective event for 2018? Contact Kai Lutterodt at kai@diversity-matters.org.uk



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