‘Unmasking Colonial Agendas with Anansi’ participatory workshop 22nd Nov 2017

Diversity Matters is co-facilitating with MA student Vaidehi Bhargava an interactive participatory mask-making workshop themed around ‘unmasking colonial agendas‘ using the African/Caribbean folkloric character Anansi!

Vaihedi will give context to the workshop and her own research on legal agendas, their influence on the distribution of stories throughout the world, and how the historical context of Anansi the African/Caribbean folkloric figure has informed her own agenda of decolonising knowledge.

Vaidehi will also share the example of her own character design of Anansi re-imagined as an African/Carribbean feminist leader, as a means to disrupt the racist and euro-centric ‘heritage’/ ‘tradition’/ ‘culture’ of Commedia dell’Arte, and redistribute the power over the definition of the word ‘culture’ itself.

Participants are invited to reflect on their own experience of colonial agendas and design their own masks (or monsters!) as a creative method of critique. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 04.02.13

There will be an opportunity to share stories in performative ways to use the masks!

Please note: Out of respect for the cultural heritage and historical context of Anansi stories and the re-imagined character design inspiring this workshop, we are offering workshop spaces to female or femme identifying African or Caribbean heritage participants. The workshop is limited to 10 participants. 

This event is FREE. Masks and decorative materials will be provided. 

When: Weds 22nd Nov

Where: CSM (Central Saint Martins)

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Please RSVP to v.bhargava1120151@arts.ac.uk or hello@diversity-matters.org.uk

Diversity Matters is a platform which works collaboratively with organisations to promote race equality in the work and education place. Our events are inclusive to all, unless where specified as a safe space of marginalised groups. Find out more about our services CLICK HERE

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