Diversity Matters Collective: How it went on Social Media!

We invited our social media co-ordinator Kanndiss Riley to share her experience of our first Diversity Matters Collective, which took place on the 9th Nov at ThoughtWorks Soho! If you missed Kanndiss’ Instagram live and stories take-over, here’s your opportunity to catch some highlights in this short video!

The Diversity Matters Collective workshop event attracted a range of guests interested in diversity. As guests entered for the drinks reception, I was instantly hooked into networking atmosphere, which led to my first Insta-story post asking people; “what does diversity mean to you?



Some of my highlights included:

*Conversation: hearing different opinions in what felt like a safe space. Even when there were disagreements, it flowed onto developing further conversation as a group
*Development: in the small groups the guest were divided into, there was commonality in subjects but the development of their opinions lead to very interesting actions and ideas for how Diversity Matters can champion allyship.
*Consciousness: I felt that attendees were open to learning from one another and accepting of our differences. I appreciated the suggestion made as a solution to events which aren’t diverse in participants; “why don’t we bring someone along who either could benefit from the community or would be interested?” That was a great finishing point for myself.



It was so much fun attending and working on the social media side as well. I personally liked taking that step back to listen and be immersed in other people’s ideas and learning from the discussion.

Get in involved in the conversation on Instagram @diversitymattersUK and Twitter @diversitymUK using the hashtag #DMCollective #BeTheChange

Written by Kanndiss Riley

We’ve set up a Facebook group Diversity Matters Collective which we’d encourage you to join to share ideas, projects, events addressing social change CLICK HERE

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A special thank you goes out to our friends at HueTribe for providing beautiful complimentary greeting cards for guests, Vapiano for the food for thought‘, and ThoughtWorks for providing a safe space for honest and open discussion.

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