#IAmGAPStore: discussing the diversity ‘GAP’ in the creative industries

If you missed us on the ‘I am Gap’ panel conversation on inclusivity and diversity within the creative industries streamed live from #IamGAPstore Covent Garden on the 22nd February – you can still join the conversation!

Earlier last month, GAP kicked off the Spring season by transformed their Covent Garden store to celebrate forty seven years on the high street! The space was re-imagined to explore their continued relevance through cultural revolution and community, as well as core values of self-expression, heritage, iconic culture, and individuality through a series of workshops and talks streamed on Facebook Live.

Amongst the iconic selection of 90’s vintage reissued clothing from the Gap archive, our discussion took place seated up behind a large meeting room table, and in front of an intimate audience ready to welcome our informal yet honest discussion. Chaired by Liv Little founder of Gal-Dem (right), joined by Danielle Pender of Riposte magazine (far left), Mobbie Nazir who is head strategist from We Are Social, and myself Kai Lutterodt of Diversity Matters, we exuded a dose of fem-powerment as we tackled the challenges as well as praises on inclusion and diversity in the creative industry. The event was live streamed via the GAP Facebook page.

Check out the vid below… It’s a long one so make sure you’ve got a cuppa at hand to watch the full vid!

Fashion campaigns are ‘campaigns’ for a reason, and brands should be held accountable towards having some duty towards social development. GAP is certainly setting a positive example, not just with slaying the fashion campaigns on our high streets (who else in in awe of little April?! <3), but by opening up their store for discussions on diversity to take place. It shouldn’t be too long before other brands follow suite – we need to be having these open and honest conversations… Because diversity does matter!

It’s not too late to get involved in the discussion! Share your views in the comment box below! #IamGAPstore

Gap Convent Garden is located at 30-31 Long Acre, WC2E 9 London

Special thanks to the GAP Convent Garden team and Anyways

Photo credit: Craig Gibson www.gibbers.co.uk @gibb3rs

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