Catwalk To Freedom empowers South Sudanese girls

“A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else.” Mahtab Narsimhan… Education is one of the most vital gifts anyone can receive.

Catwalk To Freedom recently sponsored 5 South Sudanese girls from Kakuma Refugee camp in Northern Kenya into full-time education/vocational training in Kitale. We documented their journey as part of Diversity Matters Beyond Borders outreach…

Co-founded by Nyagoa Nyuon and Rebecca Mincy with Armstrong Too as art director, Catwalk To Freedom is an initiative which uses fashion to tell the stories of girls experiencing early child marriage within South Sudanese communities. During our visit to Kenya, we were able to spend time with the Catwalk to Freedom team (Nyagoa and Armstrong) and witness the first set of sponsored girls aged between 12 and 18 be enrolled into school and vocational training. These were girls who have who have fled (or have been rescued to prevent forced) marriage, often at the expense of their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

Through education, the aim is for these girls to be empowered to eventually become self-sustainable by setting up their own businesses using the skills they’ve learnt through school/vocational training. We’ll be keeping up to date on their progress!

To support or find out more about Catwalk To Freedom please visit:

Find out more about Diversity Matters Beyond Borders projects we support CLICK HERE

Videos filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt for Diversity Matters ©Kai Lutterodt 2016 with permission to share.


Kai Lutterodt, Diversity Matters founder accompanying Catwalk to Freedom in Kenya. Photo: Fabio Tedde

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