#AnaTaban South Sudan Campaign for a Peaceful 2017

2016 started with hope… Hope of peace with the signing of the peace agreement. Hope of coorporation between the leaders, but our expectations were quickly crushed…

Our 2017 was ushered-in in Kenya were we met members of Anataban; a collective of young South Sudanese creatives supporting the ‘taban’ – ‘tired’ people of South Sudan, during the filming of their latest campaign video #BloodShedFree2017.

Despite collective of artists, musicians, and actors forming fairly recently in August 2016, they’ve already created and buzz on social media and have gained International attention for their cause for peace in South Sudan. The #Anataban values are: Solidarity, Courage, Integrity, Citizenship, Non-Violence & No Political Alignment.


Behind the scenes: Anataban campaign shoot Photo by Kai Lutterodt

We call on you the people, the people of South Sudan to demand a blood-shed-free 2017…” – Anataban #BloodShedFree2017 campaign.

We can all do our part to promote peace and equality in 2017.

Happy New Year from the Diversity Matters team!

Find out more about Anataban on Facebook @AnatabanSouthSudan and Twitter @AnaTabanSS

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