Diversity Matters Spotlight: Noir Winter Chill Noir

Project Noir is an art collective and creative networking group for people of AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN and ASIAN heritage. As an online platform, Project Noir has close to 2,000 members. The initiative behind this group is to connect creative professionals from black and minority ethnic heritage working in the media to; encourage progression, support and highlight the under-representation of this group by making critical changes to the way the media industry works on and offscreen.

In December we had an opportunity to cover the Project Noir Winter Chill event which was an opportunity to connect with other creatives of colour in a sociable and safe space. The Diversity Matters team also had a stall with many of our Diversity Matters merchandise for sale….

In light of the lack of opportunities in our industry, Project Noir is a platform to support creating our own opportunities by working together to connect and support each other in our creative endeavours in order to progress with positivity.

Find out more on Facebook: Project Noir Hub

More pictures on our Facebook Page Diversity Matters UK


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