#ThumbsUpForUganda awareness piano tour continues for Christmas!

In April 2016, Fabio Tedde publicly shared his vision of taking a custom designed piano to Uganda to support an orphanage of 300+ children by touring and raising awareness of their plight. That dream was shared with me on my first day meeting Fabio aka Pianist Without Borders. As the name rightfully suggests, Fabio has played over 750 street pianos worldwide, offering free concerts to those in most marginalised communities.

Being a fellow dreamer myself, having adapted volunteered set up #Art4ChangeHaiti last year to my motto #CreateYourOwnOpportunities and of course the reason I set up Diversity Matters, I offered to support Fabio’s vision and organised a fundraiser in June where we have raised to date close to £1000 towards #ThumbsUpForUganda. All monies raised has gone directly towards ordering supplies for the children, and transporting the piano.

Annette Griffith, a journalist and tutor from Luton also joined the team. They left for Uganda last month to begin the tour, however I was stayed behind as I had my final year dissertation and projects to finalise. Now that’s been submitted, I’m excited to join the team!


Pianist Without Borders playing at the deaf School. Masaka School for Children With Special Need – Uganda – East Africa



Journalist Annette Griffith Donating some nets to the children in need , thank you The Roll Out The Barrel Trust

 I leave on Wednesday for Uganda (via Cairo), and will be spending the Christmas and New Year with the children, filming the tour. For anyone based in London who’s like to support, I’m collecting children’s clothing (light, breathable and clean for children 1yrs+), soft toys, Christmas food, sweets and other essentials. Collection/drop-off is in Soho, London anytime before Wednesday 21st 11am.
If you’re unable to donate items, you can donate online via www.gofundme.com/thumbsupforUganda and you can follow @diversitymatteruk on instagram or @pianistwithoutborders for updates.
 Thanks in advance for the support!
From myself and the Diversity Matters team we’d like to wish you peaceful Season’s Greetings and a prosperous New Year!
Kai x

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