Diversity Matters at Arts SU Freshers Fair 2016 and Arts DMS committee roles!

A brand new academic year is upon us, as is the venture of setting up Diversity Matters as a Students’ Union Society at UAL – you asked for us to stay so we’re delivering! Arts SU Freshers Fair was a great way to introduce Arts Diversity Matters Society (Arts DMS) to University of the Arts London (UAL)!

The first week of University, known as Freshers Week, is an opportunity to get involved in activities, socials, and creative opportunities! It can be daunting, especially if you’re in a completely new environment, and trying to see where you ‘fit in’. Remember no matter no matter how ‘confident’ other new students appear, they’re probably just as nervous as you!

Joining a Arts SU society such as Arts DMS will help you make friends and start building a support network which could be with you for the rest of your student days – and beyond!

Arts DMS was set up this academic year (2016) to continue as a support network for under-represented students to have a platform where they can voice their concerns about race representation (and its intersections). We welcome all students regardless of your background, because we know that BAME (Black and ethnic minority – yep, how the UK Gov categories non-white ethnicities!) issues affects all of us living in a diverse society… Diversity is what makes cities like London so great!

The Diversity Matters team which is now predominately made up of graduates and UAL alumni, will be on hand to help steer the direction of Arts Diversity Matters Society and offer opportunities (both paid and voluntary) to members. We collaborated with external organisations such as BBC, IBM and BFI! As well as organising panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions, this academic year we’ll be introducing a termly magazine which Arts DMS members can contribute towards or be featured in to highlight any projects they’re working on!

And let’s not forget to mention our friends at Chipotle Mexican Grill are hooking us up with discount vouchers and special offers for our socials throughout the year… Do you need more convincing to join?! CLICK HERE to become a member for only £5 for the whole academic year!

Want to see more pics from us at Freshers Fair? CLICK HERE for the Arts Diversity Matters Facebook page – don’t forget also “Like” the page! You can also join the Arts DMS mailing list so you don’t miss out on news, events and opportunities! CLICK HERE to sign up to the newsletter

Nominations for committee roles are now OPEN!

If you’d like to challenge yourself (and gain satisfaction being part of movement championing diversity in UAL – and beyond) apply for one of our committee roles available! If you’re not sure about committing to a role, however love the idea of helping out at events – maybe you have a skill you’d like to offer, we’d also love to hear from you! Have a read though the committee roles and CLICK HERE to apply!

Not a UAL student? You can still get involved in supporting Diversity Matters. Email kai@diversity-matters.org.uk with Support Diversity Matters in the subject box!


You are responsible for the overall running of the Society, the spokesperson and representative! You’ll need to have a strong belief in the aims and objectives of Diversity Matters (have a scroll through our website for an idea of what we’ve been up to since our launch in April 2016 with “Diversity Matters Awareness Week”)!

Role description and skills required:

  • Need to be able to communicate with your members, the Students’ Union and sometimes the University. You’ll also be in close communication with Kai, Diversity Matters platform founder.
  • Need to know the Constitution of your Society – this will mean you’re down with the rules and be able to help your members in any situation
  • Are the Manager of your Society. You need to ensure that the rest of the Committee members fulfil their roles
  • Are responsible for the decision making of your Society, along with the rest of the Committee
  • Need to make sure you are involved and always informed as to the present activities, personnel, events, and financial position of your Club or Society
  • Manage the running of your Club’s Annual General Meeting to ensure that it runs smoothly, presentations are made, and a vote is properly conducted

To apply CLICK HERE!


You play a vital role in the financial management of the Society and must report to the members, Committee, and the Sports Forum where required, on the accountability of your Club or Society. The DM team will be on hand to support!

Role description and skills required:

  • Maintain accurate financial records and prepare a budget at the beginning of the year
  • Prepare a budget for the forthcoming year describing all sources of projected income and expenditure
  • Authorise and be accountable for all petty cash transactions
  • Help your Club or Society be financially responsible
  • Present reports to the rest of the Committee and to members at the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare grant applications and keep track of any spend
  • Make sure the books are always up to date and can be presented at any time
  • Meet with the Secretary to make sure there is enough cash left in the pot at the end of the year to pay for the basic admin costs of your Club or Society until the start of the next academic year
  • Need to become a signatory for your Club or Society. This means you must sign off any

To apply CLICK HERE!

Secretary/ Vice President:

This position is the backbone of the organisation of your society and ensures that things run smoothly. You need to communicate what’s going on to your members so they stay interested and stay involved. If you have great organisation skills, taking notes and communicating effectively – this administration role is for you!

Role description and skills required:

  • Looking after members is a key part of your role. You will sign up all new members, make them feel welcome, collect their fee, and forward it to the Treasurer
  • Keep the membership list up to date
  • Act as a communicator between all members and the Committee
  • Feed back all the great ideas from all members and see those ideas come to life in your Club or Society
  • Take the minutes for meetings and prepare and distribute to all members
  • Submit the minutes of your meetings
  • Keep an up to date copy of your Constitution and any other records
  • Attend to all correspondence for and on behalf of your Society
  • Action all the decisions of the Committee
  • Do all the filing
  • Prepare the Annual Report
  • Meet with the Treasurer to make sure there is enough cash left in the pot at the end of the year to pay for the basic admin costs of your Club or Society until the start of the next academic year

To apply CLICK HERE!

Events & Fundraising:

Event & Fundraising Officer’s role is to organise events such as socials, panel discussions  and where possible at least one fundraising events for the club. They’ll be close communication with the Diversity Matters team and collaboration on many events to offer extra support and inclusion of students from diverse backgrounds.  This role is great for anyone who is interactive, is a “doer”, and like to see ideas on paper become a reality! You’ll be working closely with the committee.

Role description and skills required:

  • Organising events to include diverse range of members
  • Setting up of Freshers’ Fair
  • Liaise with The Students’ Union at UWE RAG and Volunteering
  • Organising charity events & fundraisers throughout the year
  • Organising variety of Social & Competitive events throughout the year
  • Work closely with Participation & Equality Officer on organising of events
  • Coordinate all media footage for website and Sports Ball etc
  • Coming up with creative ways to raise money
  • Coordinate advertisement and Promotion of fundraising events

To apply CLICK HERE!

Media and Publicity:

As we’re a brand new society at UAL, we’ll need publicity! From fundraising events, to social media posts about what’s going on! We’re aiming to have a representative from each UAL college (LCC, LCF, CSM and CCW). That way we can to recruit members, network with other students from different colleges, organise events at the various colleges, and generally create a buzz around your society promoting diversity in UAL!

Role description and skills requiredSome graphic design or Web Design skills

  • Good Written Skills
  • Ability to navigate Facebook and Twitter!
  • Help up the Freshers’ Fair
  • Advertise Meetings
  • Help take photos for the Website
  • Communicate with Graphic designers to make promo materials etc

To apply CLICK HERE!

College Reps:

Rep Arts Diversity Matters at your college, and help unite us! Running a society at UAL can be difficult, especially as it involves trying to engage students from all 6 colleges! Your role will be to spread the word about our events, socials and opportunities in your college!

You can also get involved by assisting any of these roles or sharing any skills such as filmmaking, animation, graphic design… Basically any skill from your course, or your interest will come in handy!

To apply CLICK HERE!

For enquiries email info@diversity-matters.org.uk with Arts Diversity Matters in the subject box.  Look our for our first committee meeting where you can nominate yourself for a role!

Not a UAL student? You can still get involved in supporting Diversity Matters. Email kai@diversity-matters.org.uk with Support Diversity Matters in the subject box or CLICK HERE!

Once again great seeing so many Freshers interested in what we do, at Arts SU Freshers Fair! This society has the potential to make a huge positive impact within UAL – be part of that change!

That’s it from me!

Kai 🙂


Kai and Amanda at Arts SU Freshers Fair captured by Arts SU!

Leave you comments and suggestions in the comment box below!

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