Black Italian activist shares what it’s like being Black in Italy

When we invited New York based Italian film-maker Fred Kuwornu to launch Diversity Matters Awareness Week by previewing an exclusive screening of his film BLAXPLOITALIAN: 100 year of Blackness in the Italian cinema, it was an opportunity to include the voice of our Black continental European counterparts in the discourse around race matters. The fight for representation in the Arts and Media isn’t solitary to the UK.

Italy is a country where it is easier getting a job if you know someone or you are friend of people who are Italian so for this reason many immigrants are cut off from opportunities. Being an Italian citizen is not enough if you are black or Muslim…

I decided to produce Blaxploitalian after I saw an article in the UK press about 50 black British actors, including Idris Elba, who were starting a petition to the BBC to demand more on-screen and off-screen diversity in the UK. This article inspired me to understand that the situation is worse in Italy but also in the US and in countries like France, people of colour are underrepresented or stereotyped when they have been casted for roles.” – Fred Kuwornu in his interview with Kai Lutterodt for The Voice Newspaper. Get your copy of The Voice Newspaper for the article “Being Black in Italy” or read “What’s it like being Black in Italy” online CLICK HERE

Since the announcement of “Brexit”, we’ve thought long and hard how we can sustain a united front with African-diaspora communities across Europe, and we’ve come up with a pledge to connect, engage and collaborate African-diaspora platforms in the continent promoting diversity. Our connection with Fred Kuwornu is a good start! CLICK HERE to view.

I EU Diversity

In (Afropean) Unity

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