Black Cultural Archives to honour over 1000 Unsung Heroes

The UK’s first national heritage centre dedicated to Black history and culture, Black Cultural Archives (BCA), has put out an open call to the community in aid of identifying a minimum of 1000 successful and influential black people to make it on its list of Unsung Heroes!


– Successful black people across all sectors
– Must show an interest in social change and equality but not necessarily activists
– Within a cross section of celebrated industries including property, art, fashion, design, film, science and technology, engineering, media, sports and entertainment, business etc
– Established pioneers and innovators of their fields who have gained respect from their peers and are the next generation of industry leaders


Each person that makes the list must fulfil certain criteria such as:
– Be recognised within their field as an expert or leader
– Be recognised within their community as an expert or leader
– Be interested or involved in social enterprise / charity
– Be interested in a positive black image, social change and empowerment
– Based in an area where they are in the top percentile for that region e.g. someone might be amazing but because they are based in London and London already has hundreds of people on the list – they might not make it on to the list but would do so if they were say in Leeds

To nominate your unsung heroes visit: or email: for more info.

Deadline is 31st Aug 2016. Help spread the word by sharing in your networks!

Share names of some of your unsung heroes in the comment box below!

BCA: Unsung Heroes


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