#DMSpotlight: Meet the duo hoping to change the world – one “HELLO” at a time!

Hello” is the ultimate act of greeting someone… And a Japanese couple have chosen London as their ‘Hello World’ starting point!

Diversity Matters met with Taka Piyo and Eri – the colourful fashionistas from Japan on a world-changing journey using a simple greeting to break social barriers to invite inclusively, happiness and smiles from people all over the world! Check out our video interview and photoshoot with the eccentric couple!

Even if English isn’t their first language, they prove that hello is universal as we captured them sharing the joy of tourists, children and families expressing curiosity towards the duo dressed in their signature costumes!

Join us on the 15th September 2016 for the launch exhibition at University of the Arts London! FREE. Booking essesntial. CLICK HERE

Look out for more Hello Do Be Do projects in Japan this year and Europe in 2017!

Photos ©Kai Lutterodt

Visit www.hello-dobedo.com for more info!


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