Nia Hefe Filiogianni; “Reclaiming What’s Left”

“Anti-catcalling gum” “Follow your stalker” “push the button for equality” – these are just some of the subliminal messages coming through upon first glance at Nia Hefe Filiogianni’s work…

hands_in_the_air copyy (1)

©Nia Hefe Filiogianni – ‘Reclaiming What’s Left’

We first connected with Nia during our open call for Diversity Matters Exhibit submissions in May. Nia’s bold illustrations which praise feminism without patronising women, even when addressing sensitive issues around street harassment, race, diversity and equality. Her work aims to promote a new kind of feminine aesthetic that is characterised by pastel colours and powerful women. And it’s this fearless “bad-gal” attitude captured in her designs that caught our attention!

As a person Nia is always fighting for various issues regarding women’s rights and equality. Having lived in London for the past year, Nia has observed her everyday life as a game – taking mental note of things that need to be improved within society. Street harassment is something that is happening everywhere in London and women may not feel safe walking alone. Words like “bitch” are commonly used in songs we dance to at night on clubs. Should we reconsider it again? It’s this and other questions Nia sought out to explore in her latest series of work “Reclaiming What’s Left

The project “Reclaiming What’s Left” was created to highlight common issues of today’s world. Analysing the terminology of hip hop songs, Nia’s illustrations are influenced by the youth and the thing of importance; to claim your rights – to support yourself.

Nia’s project which makes up a collection of illustrations (some animated), is targeted to women especially young women at at the stage of their lives to feel powerful and love themselves. Women that support each other and know what to do when something is not ok. Women that respect themselves and are fighting against racism, violence, even slavery. Women do not forget women.


Selected designs from “Reclaiming What’s Left” are part of Diversity Matters Art Print Box Set.

A selection of 10 limited edition “Reclaiming What’s Left” prints are available in size 6′ x 4′ Diversity Matters boxed collection sets. Join us at Camden Lock Market 21st – 22nd July to purchase your copy! CLICK HERE for our event page or email to order.

Find out more about Nia Hefe Filiogianni at

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