Questioning Identity, Gender and Sexuality… Rudy Loewe zine workshop tells it like it is!

Zines are a great way of exploring topics in further detail or just sharing your thoughts as a starting point. Rudy Loewe is a queer non binary artist of colour whose drawings and and zines pack more than political innuendos… They make a political statement!

Non-binary is Genderqueer term for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine‍. In this workshop we explored this further by questioning gender, sexuality and their intersections. Special thanks to Rudy Loewe for facilitating this interactive workshop in a safe space at University of the Arts London.

I found it a safe and positive space to ask questions and through the actions of making found the confidence to share sensitive visual thoughts. It was a fun experience but reminds me there many things that still MUST be learnt by myself and society.” Lucy, UAL student

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Photos and video ©Kai Lutterodt

Find out more about Rudy Loewe at

Supported by SUARTS Culture and Travel Society

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