750+ street pianos played – and counting! Pianist Without Borders in NYC

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Sujannie Allen supporting Diversity Matters in NYC

We’ve been sharing the pictures of supporters in NYC holding Diversity Matters merchandise – and you’ve probably been wondering how we’re in the USA after just a few months since our official launch in April?!

It’s all down to our allie Fabio Tedde a.k.a Pianist Without Borders, who’s currently out in NYC supporting Sing For Hope and raising awareness for #ThumbsUpForUganda project in collaborating with Art4Change!

Originally from Sardinia and now residing in London, pianist and composer Fabio Tedde came up with a unique plan to raise awareness on the plight of disadvantage children in Uganda. On a mission to ‘bring piano music outside the city and share it with people that are in need’, Fabio was searching for his next pop-up tour, when the power of social media bought to his attention an orphanage named ‘Uganda Village for Disadvantaged Children’. The more he learnt about their living conditions and their need amongst other things for a proper school, the idea formed in Fabio’s mind to put together a very special tour, using the piano to create awareness. The challenge how to send a piano from from England to Uganda – and raising enough money to travel from village to village.

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Sujannie Allen supporting Diversity Matters in NYC

An accomplished musician, his style of playing is in influenced by african music from his time spent living in Burkina Faso, West Africa, learning how to play the drums. It will be this style of playing that he will perform and share in the many villages he hopes to visit during his time in Uganda later this year. Using the piano as a messenger to connect people is what drives Fabio on. ‘Since I was younger I just loved helping people, but now I want to take it to the next level’. It is an event that Fabio describes as ‘Magic’ and one whose motto epitomises what he believes in, ‘transforming lives by bringing the power of the arts to those who need it most’.



Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.33.30

Representin’ Diversity Matters at Sing for Hope NYC!

With the fitting name artist name ‘Pianist Without Borders’, Fabio has played on 770 public pianos – and the count doesn’t stop there! Add another 50 pianos from Sing For Hope designed and decorated by local artists, Fabio’s total of street pianos played will be in the region of 220 by the time he’s back from New York in the coming week!  A typical day for the self-taught pianist whilst in NYC looks something like this (as shared on his Facebook page Pianist Without Borders):

11:30-12:30 Brooklyn Bridge Park
14:00-15:00 Important Meeting with Steven
15:30-16:30 Tompkins Square Park
17:00-17:30pm Actors Fund: Friedman Residence
18:00- 19:00 Times Square
19:15- 20:00 Herald Square
20:15- 21:00 Madison Square Park
9:30pm till late Lincoln Center

CLICK HERE to find out more about Sing for Hope locations 6th -19th July


Fabio Tedde, Hudson River Park 14th Street NYC 2016 – Piano designed by Bruce Weber. Photo: Victor Utama

Playing the piano has taken Fabio to many places, including Holland, Cyrpus, Los Angeles, Belgium and his hometown Sardina to name a few. Fabio countinues to tour around Europe and America, giving free performances to the diverse communities with plans to do a lot more awareness tours as he feels it is the best way for him to communicate the problems affecting the very poor – and Diversity Matters is proud to support such initiatives!

If you’re in New York – connect with Fabio!

More info: Email: info@pianistwithoutborders.com
Web: http://www.pianistwithoutborders.com
USA Phone: 929-241-7492

And of course look out for more events Diversity Matters will be hosting to support #ThumbsupForUganda this summer!


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