Diversity Matters Workshop at Chelsea

The workshop at Chelsea College of Arts last week focused on questioning “How Are UAL Doing On The Race/Diversity Front?”

Facilitated by Tanicia Payne, UAL GEMS co-chair (Black staff network), the workshop was a safe space for students and non-students attending to voice their opinions and concerns without feeling intimidated or judged.

Students from different backgrounds had varied opinions about UAL’s approach on race/diversity. Many also felt that studying in London gave them a sense of ‘freedom’ they they experience back home.

  • coming from a ‘racism’ in your your face – London seems inclusive.
  • Feeling a sense of ‘freedom’ in London. However does that extend into the university?
  • “There are fellow students who ‘don’t see’ me.”
  • Are certain courses related to job opportunity/status?
  • LCC is more diverse. Perhaps to do with the type of courses on offer, promotion, and location.
  • Teachers assuming projects should be about my ‘blackness’ and not about my other work.
  • What’s changing. Do such workshops make any difference if “they” aren’t listening?
  • How to get heard – go directly to the TOP!
  • Problems in classrooms include clique classmates. Leads to isolating experiences and feeling left-out particularly for International students.

This workshop was supported by UAL Chelsea College of Arts.

There will be a brief Diversity Matters presentation at NSEAD Conference at Chelsea College of Arts. The theme is Inclusion, innovation and diversity: How outstanding art, craft and design education can significantly lead on British values and the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions this Saturday 18th June. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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