The Other Voice Conference at LCC

“Today is about creating your own stories… Your narrative is very important as a creative.” – Dr Susan Lynn, Associate Lecturer at UAL.

Other Voices Conference took place on the 25th May 2016, part of London College of Communication’s Other Voices project supported by the UAL Curriculum Development Fund, organised by Dr. Susan Flynn.

The conference was an opportunity for students to showcase their ideas, projects and achievements whilst studying at LCC (one of the six colleges which makes up UAL, University of the Arts London). Kai Lutterodt, LCC Students Union Officer and founder of Diversity Matters, screened her short films “Diversity Matters: Let’s Talk About Race” pt1 and 2.

The aim of Other Voices was to celebrate and showcase different perspectives of the world, moving away from traditional academic language. The project aimed to enhance the University’s outward-looking ethos by privileging voices other than those which are traditionally dominant.

Acting as a platform for students to showcase some of the work they have done which explores issues of multiculturalism and diversity such as race, class, religion, urban youth, sexuality, social problems and ability.

This conference also sought to look further than tolerance; calling for ‘critical inter-culturalism’, to ensure everybody has access to the kind of learning that takes their position into account.

Student presented for 10-15 minutes each in a range of formats, with time for questions.

Notes and ideas which came out of the conference:

Pedagogy – the science of teaching. Ferah philosopher: speaks often on oppression – including privilege and freeing yourself from oppression; we have to free ourselves
– School of Life: Eastern vs Western Philosophy
– Alex Tsoi: What would I want to be famous for? I would want to be a famous actress because: actress + Twitter = power

– Chloe Bennet – Chloe Wang – got the gig after changing her name. Didn’t want to be “defined” as an Asia. Balance between being proud of who I am, and being defined.

– one thing I haven’t come to like is people’s ignorance. And people assuming they know your background without knowing/or asking their background

CLICK HERE for more info on the conference.

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