Katya Kudryashova donates designer dresses to support Art4Change and Pianist Without Borders Fundraiser!

I’m overwhelmed by the support being offered industry creatives to support the fundraiser collaboration with Art4Change (a platform I set up last year to facilitate art workshops in marginalised communities around the world, starting in Haiti) and Fabio Tedde aka Pianist Without Borders (he’s played over 700 street pianos around the world giving free concerts accessible for all)!

So when Russian designer Ekaterina Kudryashova offered to donate 3 dresses towards the fundraiser, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to have them auctioned during the duration of Diversity Matters Exhibit (2nd – 10th June)! The starting price is £35 each and we’re hoping to raise as much as possible towards our latest charitable project which will support over 300 orphaned children in Uganda! Simply email diversitymattersuk@gmail.com to make a bid!




The 3 dresses will be available for viewing during the exhibition, whilst available.

Check out Katya Kudryashova’s collection and lookbook online at www.katerinakudryashova.com

CLICK HERE to book for the opening view on the 2nd June 2016 at University of the Arts London, Blue Print Gallery space. The exhibition runs from 2nd – 10th June 2016.

CLICK HERE to order your zine showcase all artists exhibiting. Not able to attend? You can still make a donation. CLICK HERE!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kai – exhibition curator

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