In The Shadow of the African Sun: An art student’s plight to raise awareness about albinism

When MA Drawing student from Wimbledon College of Arts, Jacqui Ennis Cole, reached out asking for support towards her fundraiser for a trip to Tanzania where she’ll facilitate art workshops to support the work of Standing Voice organisation – accepting her request was the only option.


Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, recessive genetic condition that limits the body’s ability to process melanin, reducing or eliminating pigmentation in the skin, eyes and hair. Albinism occurs if both parents carry the recessive albinism gene, in which case the probability of having an affected baby is 1 in 4 (25%). This probability is the same in each pregnancy and bears no relation to other births. Globally 1 person in 18,000 has albinism. Oculocutaneous albinism type II (OCA2) is the most common type in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the condition has a higher prevalence: 1 in 1,400 are affected in parts of Tanzania, a frequency more than tenfold the global rate.

In The Shadow Of The Sun_Mother and Child_whiteStanding Voices supports with people with albinism against any threat to their wellbeing in Tanzania and Eastern Africa. Find out more about albinism and the work Standing Voice is doing to support marginalised communities CLICK HERE

Culturally, children in these regions of Africa grow up within particular cultural practices, yet they are discriminated against, they are susceptible to not only a life threatening condition but also subjected to violent acts which stem from cultural myth and ignorance.” – Jacqui Ennis Cole

Diversity Matters proud to support this cause by organising a film screening of “In The Shadow of The Sun” at University of the Arts London, to help raise awareness about albinism and fundraise in support of UAL (University of the Arts London) MA student Jacqui’s project for a participatory art residency she will facilitate in Tanzania this year with Standing Voice.

This event is FREE. However pls support with donations at the door.
WHEN: Tuesday 31st May 2016, 18.00 (18.00start)
WHERE: UAL, 272 High Holborn

Refreshments provided. CLICK HERE for our EVENT BOOKING page.

The Award Winning Film ‘In The Shadow of the Sun’ Directed by Harry Freeland,
Run Time: 84 minutes

Filmed over six years IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN tells the story of two albino men as they attempt to follow their dreams in the face of prejudice and fear in Tanzania. Through an intimate portrait of albino people in Tanzania, director Harry Freeland reveals a story of deep-rooted superstition, suffering and incredible strength.

Supported by UAL Culture and Travel Society, Agrupa, MA Drawing, Wimbledon College of Arts

Photographs courtesy of Standing Voice

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