Diversity Matters Film screening and workshop at CSM

The first Diversity Matters Awareness workshop was introduced at University of the Arts London (UAL); Central Saint Martins (CSM) on the 12th May, following on from the success of DMAW16 last month. The event began with a screening of the short film of interviews of UAL students and staff; “Diversity Matters: :Let’s Talk About Race” pt1 (a technical glitch meant freshly edited pt2 couldn’t be screened), before dividing into smaller groups for the workshop which allowed for a more intimate discussion around race, equality, inclusion and representation, in a *safe space.

The workshop was facilitated by the staff collaborators of the original student-staff collaboration for Diversity Matters Awareness Week; Jennifer Williams-Baffoe and Tanicia Payne.

UAL academic Richard Osborne shared his 2003 report Camberwell College of Art: widening access with permission it can be shared. This discourse has been around for a very long time. What is actually being implemented to move the discussion on? CLICK HERE to view the report

Filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt

DMAW-ii Workshop notes // 12.05.16// CSM

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.35.54

Workshop facilitator; Jennifer Williams-Baffoe – UAL Associate Lecturer and Technology Enhancement co-ordinator for CSM

“Who needs to LISTEN to your message?”

  • Senior Management
  • Staff members that are not broadening inclusively within their curriculums
  • Young People/Young Creatives
  • Press/Media/Public
  • Creative practitioners outside of UAL – those from multicultural backgrounds; would be good to hear their stories (a different narrative)
  • People who are afraid
  • Worldwide/educating
  • White people need to listen
  • Patriarchy; wide-spread understanding needed
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.35.21

Workshop facilitator; Tanicia Payne; UAL GEMS co-chair (Black staff network)

What would YOU like to see change?

  • More open staff recruitment policies/ adapt better recruitment policies
  • Interview process blind recruitment
  • As we have so many Asian students here: Asian or East Asian Theory taught (Art /Design/Philosophy)
  • Unity (including S.E Asian students)
  • curriculum discourse BAME, Asian mentioned not dedicated to
  • The audience of such discussions:
  • Exposure/pressure – lobbying
  • Cross-disciplinary work
  • Language: diversity = overused/negative connotations, “standardisation” used instead, De-colonising/liberating used by NUS Black Students’ Campaign (NUS BSC), change language, think of a new terms, power of voice in non-conventional or modern ways (social media etc)
  • Establish BAME staff quotas (controversal), Why not fulfilled?! , External Bodies looking at quotas/UAL progression/commitment to follow-up 6 year KPI
  • Students to be encouraged to incorporate skills in employability opportunities
  • Existing perception (stereotypes); slow progress, giving up, students aware they are being stereotyped
  • See more staff from diverse backgrounds

Other notes:

  • Recognise (diversity is) more than colour
  • More knowledge and understanding
  • Nepotism
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.53.26

Diversity Matters awareness workshop give students and staff a safe space to voice concerns and encourage action…


I learnt that diversity is more than skin deep, and it’s about recognising issues that bring us together…” Gifty

I found it inspiring… I can see a start of a movement” – Jade

Let’s keep it up to be here… Let’s stay here, because if we don’t stay here and we allow them to kick us (out of the institution) – they’re gonna bring their relatives and they’re gonna be more and more (and eventually) they’re gonna win” – Stephania

I really enjoyed the session (minus the technical glitch ). It’s an important and a much needed conversation and you did very well to address some of the underlying factors.” – Lulu

Funding has successfully been awarded to organise further Diversity Matters Awareness workshops at CCW (Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon) – UAL colleges which BAME students have expressed they feel left of the discourse around diversity, race and representation. See our “What’s On: Events” page to book, or contact Kai for information on workshops, screenings and collaborations k.lutterodt1@arts.ac.uk

Special thanks to Rebekka Kill (CSM), Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, Tanicia Payne, CSM comms and Waitrose (supplying complimentary refreshments).

*Diversity Matters is applies a safe space policy at all our events and workshops.


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