#AGRUPA16: Performance For Diversity review

I caught up with AGRUPA – the student collective whose aim it is to explore and discuss issues of marginalised, within their learning environment in University of the Arts London (UAL), on the final day of their two-day exhibition and workshop for BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) and International students; Performance for Diversity/Discussion (PDD)After working with you on Diversity Matters Awareness Week, today we gave a creative workshop talking about diversity, talking about forums and different types. We wanted to have an open forum for Camberwell and UAL students in general.” – Jo Collier, AGURPA member.

One student was like, she’s had an idea for a while and since DMAW16 she finally got the confidence to pitch the idea, and she was speaking to people about it today, so it’s good. I’m really happy that out of it there has been discussion and people planning to meet up. (BAME) people feel out of place and don’t realise other people feel this way…” Jo Collier, AGRUPA member.

Diversity Matters Awareness Week was a week of solidarity and alliance, and this feeling was a constant throughout, eventually becoming a safe space for many individuals to speak out about issues they felt like they didn’t have a place to talk about previously. Working with Diversity Matters, and becoming a part of the team, to achieve this event was very enlightening and didactic for Agrupa, and we feel its success was down to the leadership and spirit of the newly formed community that took part. Because of this week we have become even more passionate about diversifying our university landscape, and ensuring that marginalised students can get the representation and recognition they deserve.- AGRUPA statement


Diversity Matters Exhibit: Art.Music.Film is on from 2nd – 10th June! OPEN CALL deadline is 25th May to submit works with theme around diversity/race matters. UAL students, staff and external practitioners welcome to submit!

BOOK NOW for the private view on 2nd June with fundraiser for #Art4Change including live piano performances from Pianist Without Borders – Fabio Tedde CLICK HERE!

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