AGRUPA Open Call for Art Works promoting diversity at UAL


AGUPA is a University of the Arts London (UAL) student collective with a focus on exploring and discussing issues of marginalised people within their education environment at UAL. 

‘Recently it has come to our attention that the views of our International and BAME peers are far from the idealistic and often whitewashed perspective of the institution of our university. Our aim is to promote and provide platforms for diversity, which will champion international, and BAME students and their creative practices.

Diversity Matters Awareness Week was a week of solidarity and alliance, and this feeling was a constant throughout, eventually becoming a safe space for many individuals to speak out about issues they felt like they didn’t have a place to talk about previously. Working with Diversity Matters, and becoming a part of the team, to achieve this event was very enlightening and highly informative for Agrupa, and we feel its success was down to the leadership and spirit of the newly formed community that took part. Because of this week we have become even more passionate about diversifying our university landscape, and ensuring that marginalised students can get the representation and recognition they deserve.’

Find out more about the open call for PFD – Platform For Diversity organised by AGRUPA 12th – 13th May at Hotel Elephant CLICK HERE for more info!



Special thanks to the AGRUPA team Jo, Sho, Beth, Sahar and Tiffany for the endless support during Diversity Matters Awareness Week – and beyond! Student activism rocks!

Keep an eye out for Diversity Matters events and collaborations this term – check out our What’s On event page!


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