INTRO/OUTRO Private View at London College of Communication // 03.05.16

If there was ever a reason why Foundation courses shouldn’t be cut at London College of Communication – INTO/OUTRO exhibition of Foundation Diploma Art and Design and International: Introduction to Design and Media re-enforced the discourse!

The exhibition continues until the 10th May at London College of Communication (LCC).

Filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt

It’s just over a year since UAL students, supported by the Students’ Union (SUARTS) occupied Central Saint Martins (#OccupyUAL) as an immediate response to the news that UAL management allegedly proposed to cut over 800 Foundation courses at across University of the Arts London. The outcome is that staff members are now faced with redundancy as their courses have started coming to an end.

Foundation courses in Art and Design are a pre-degree, multi-disciplinary course designed to prepare students for Higher Education. They allow students to explore artistic practises, experiment, and make mistakes before embarking on a chosen pathway. Many renowned artists and designers have passed through UAL through a Foundation course…

Now, just imagine INTO/OUTRO with plain white walls – I couldn’t. Could you?

#NoToFOundationCuts #DiversityMatters

Shout out to Yvonne for the spoken word. Yvonne is also a contributor to “Diversity Matters: Let’s Talk About Race” CLICK HERE for the video and subscribe to Diversity Matters YouTube Channel for more!


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