SUARTS in the Collaboration for Diversity Matters Awareness Week #RaceMatters

We’re all about the C and D word – collaboration and diversity! So it makes sense that we’ve teamed up with University of the Arts London Students Union (SUARTS) who’re supporting our campaign to raise awareness on #RaceMatters in UAL!

Diversity will mean different things to different people.

As part of Diversity Awareness Week (18th-22rd April) we’ve been asking UAL students and staff what diversity means to them, and how it’s reflected in their learning environment.

See an opinion you agree with? Comment and share!

Photos and interviews by Kai Lutterodt

Tell us what Diversity means to YOU! Share in the comment box below and the SUARTS Facebook page: CLICK HERE

Special thanks to Catherine Uren – SUARTS communications coordinator for the graphics, Malia Bouattia (NUS Black Students’ Campaign Officer) and all UAL students and staff who took part in this project “Diversity Matters: Let’s Talk About Race“! Look out for the short film coming soon! BOOK NOW for “why does race matter in my learning environment?21st April.


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