SheaMoisture ad campaign challenges perceptions of Beauty #BreakTheWalls

We just have been conditioned to go to the corner to find our spot where we’re been placed…

There’s a section called ‘ethnic’, and there’s an aisle called beauty…

For an advert, American beauty brand SheaMoisture is already breaking conventions in their latest commercial “Break The Walls” which features monologues of black women sharing relatable thoughts about beauty through our everyday experiences; do I feel like I’m beautiful?… Is ‘ethnic’ at beautiful?…” The challenge is to break beauty conventions of the norm (metaphorically depicted as an aisle wall in the SheaMoisture ad) which Black/African/Caribbean groups are subjected to every single day by being “othered”.

For many of us here in the UK, a section of beauty products dedicated to Black hair and skin types in main stream stores isn’t even an option. Resulting in having to venture to specific areas of the city usually pushed to the outskirts, for areas more dense with “ethnic minorities” to find our products – being sold by Indian/Southeast Asian men…

I salute SheaMoisture for this ad that says a lot not just about their brand, but a call for other black beauty companies to follow suit… And find their place on the beauty aisle where we all belong.

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