NUS Black Students’ Campaign “We Are in Full Solidarity with Sabrina Hussain”

*Black students across the UK are being empowered to take action to be ‘the change they want to see’, knowing full well that change isn’t going just be handed to them on a plate. The continued frustrations faced has led to an uprise in Black student activism, resulting in an emerging visual Black presence in Students’ Unions across the UK, steaming from campaigns and elections!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 01.47.51

The “EFed” Student -The Educationally Frustrated Student 4 LCC VP 2014!

I myself was inspired in 2014 to run for the SUARTS Vice President LCC role when I saw a poster of my Students’ Union elected officers asking “who represents you?” I remember thinking, actually none of you do – you don’t look like me! So I took to twitter, which resulted in the then President recommending I attend NUS Black Students’ Winter conference 2014. By the turn of the new year I was empowered and ready to start my campaign for the role of Vice President for London College of Communication; a campaign which Malia Boutti, at the time a BSC committee member, headed to London to support!

NUS BSC (National Union of Students Black Students’ Campaign) have witnessed a phenomenal number of Black students run in elections – and win – this year! However it has also come with a great deal of racialised forms of abuse and violence directed at candidates. This was the case at the University of Huddersfield against Sabrina Hussain – recently elected to office as President of the Students’ Union, however victim of a sustained campaign against her, calling for her resignation. NUS BSC Officer, Malia Bouattia (pictured in featured image) has published a statement showing full support for Sabrina and other students experiencing similar racial abuse.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 23.31.39

CLICK HERE to read full statement from Malia Bouatti – NUS BSC Officer.

NUS BSC is committed to supporting students who identify as Black *(African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean and South American heritage) and have put out a call for any Black students or teams that have/are facing similar racial abuse or barriers as Sabrina Hussain. Use the Google form link, and share with other Black students so that NUS BSC can provided suitable support needed

Are you a Black Sabb (or Students’ Union Officer)? Join the Black Sabbs group and keep up to date on meetings, conferences, and news. CLICK HERE

In solidarity,



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22nd April: “Where We Are Now?“ – Student + Alumni presentations and networking event. 8.30pm CSM. FREE. CLICK HERE to book!

23rd April “Black Blossoms – A day of Radical Selfcare and Conversation on Mental Wellbeing in the Black Community.” CLICK HERE for more info

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