Shades of Noir support Diversity Matters Awareness Week!

The the past seven years has seen Shades of Noir play an influential role in the actions being implemented by University of the Arts London to tackle the issue attainment at UAL; differential degree between White Home students, Black and Minority Ethnic Home students and students who pay fees at the overseas rate.

Diversity Matters Awareness Week is the brain child of a student-staff collaboration, and with the added support of the Shades of Noir team on board, it re-enforces solidarity between students and staff facing similar struggles.

To have an established platform join in collaboration gives us a further reach to attract the students who need Diversity Matters Awareness Week the most; students who long to see a more reflective teaching body, students who haven’t yet realised there is an issue around race matter at UAL, and all students in between!

Shades of Noir events are dynamic, relevant and unapologetic in topic themes/questions to get real answers. Find out more about Shades of Noir event CLICK HERE.


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