Late Night At Tate Britain: My Bed

We checked out April’s Late at Tate Britain, themed around Tracey Emin’s artwork My Bed. First exhibited in 1999 causing a public outcry – Is an unmade bed art? The question still lingers and the unmade bed continues to break boundaries of what is considered art outside the lines of fine art. The theme My Bed explores difficult themes like sexuality, relationships and gender, and we were there to capture a part of that on video…

Contains adult themes.

Laid Bare: A Zine Making Workshop

Artist Rudy Loewe invites you to create a zine exploring your own truths around gender and sexuality. Rudy Loewe’s practice includes drawings, comics, illustrations and prints.  Loewe uses satire and comedy to explore a wide range of social issues including racism, sexuality, gender, disability and mental health.


Sit down with Bedfellows for a discussion and share resources about sex, desire, consent and relationships. Bedfellows is a sex education research project led by artists Chloe CooperPhoebe Davies and Jenny Moore  and born from the personal, the political, and the professional investigating sex, sexual identity and feminist porn.

Travis Alabanza and Liv Wynter: Spoken Word Performance.

Performance artists Travis Alabanza and Liv Wynter have collaborated on a poetic response to Emin’s My Bed exploring some of these themes.

Travis Alabanza is a Black, queer, non binary performance artist who uses live poetry, visuals and sound to create art centred around race, gender and class.  Liv Wynter is a queer female artist who uses an anarchic and punk exploration of language, rap and poetry performance to bring attention to issues such as trauma, recovery, abuse, sexual violence and identity to challenge the idea of intimacy and without compromise.

Late at Tate Britain: My Bed is curated by young people from Tate Collective London. Tate Collective London are part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Find out more at

Filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt

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