The Concept of Diversity… UAL Students and Staff share their views on Diversity in their learning Environment pt1

Diversity will mean different things to different people.

Which is why for Diversity Matters Awareness Week we’re concentrating on race matters with our theme “Let’s Talk About Race18th – 23rd April!

We’ve been asking students and staff what diversity means to them, and how it’s reflected in their learning environment? The short film will be screened on the 21st April at the panel event “why does race matter in my learning environment?” Tickets available – BOOK NOW!

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Being able to meet with people from different environments and different lifestyles, different race, sexes and experiences… Having all of those people have a voice.” Maryam, UAL student

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In our learning environment, cultural diversity is what is the most important… When different people coming from different cultures, different upbringings – it brings a lot to the table…” – Samina MA Applied Imagination CSM

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When I think of diversity, I think of the word vibrancy – things in Technicolor! Positive things immediately come to my mind… Then I may start thinking about the negative things… It’s unavoidable to think about how diversity relates to difference – divisions…” –  Lucy Panesar, Academic support lecturer


The problem with diversity is that it’s a concept clearly generated by a non-diverse user of the language…” – Jorge, CSM MA International student.

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Meeting people from other countries gives me a chance to try their food and learn about their culture. That’s the best thing about University!…” – Ellie, Games Design LCC

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When I think of diversity, it’s multi-background, multi-discipline, we all have our own skills and not confining with one box…” – Michelle, CSM student


“Diversity means, to me, just involving everyone of every race, colour, gender, disability; nobody should be left out in anyway…” – Amanda-Jayne, LCF alumna

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 09.02.40

I think diversity is about questioning our own positions of privilege…” – Kenny, Sound Art and Design LCC

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Diversity means to me… Everyone being represented, and everyone having their say in an environment of learning and knowledge, knowing that all references are being met” – Tiffany, Sculpture Camberwell

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 07.30.10

I think UAL has a very diverse student body however that’s not always reflected in our staff team and our curriculum… In my course, throughout 3 years we only had 1 guest lecturer who was a person of colour…. They came in once to talk about race.” – Ana SUARTS Campaigns Officer

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 07.53.21

For me, diversity is once the application of liberation is truly in place. It’s once we’ve reached a post-oppression world, and once we’re able to truly embrace multiple differences…” Malia NUS Black Students’ Campaign Officer

Photos and interviews for Diversity Matters ©Kai Lutterodt

Massive thanks to our UAL/SUARTS staff and students, and Malia BouattiaNUS Black Students’ Campaign Officer. See the film previewed on the 21st April during Diversity Matters Awareness Week: Let’s Talk About Race” 18th – 23rd April. BOOK NOW for “Why does race matter in my learning environment?” Open to all UAL students, staff and guests.

Look out for part 2 with more quotes from UAL staff and students on what diversity means to them. Find out more about the ongoing #UALSoWhite Campaign calling out University of the Arts’ (UAL) lack of BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) senior management (currently at 100% white!)

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What does diversity mean you you? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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