Exploring Maud Sulter’s Syrcas at Autograph ABP

Maud Sulter was an influential Scottish-Ghanaian visual artist, poet, playwright and curator whose works questioned the lack of representation of black women in the histories of art and photography. Syrcas is an example of Sulter’s investigation of the complex relations of the African diaspora in European history, art and culture over centuries.

Autograph ABP continues to exhibit works that don’t often get seen, and gives light to significant artists in danger of being forgotten – helping to keep their legacy alive!

Find out more at s

London College of Communication‘s peer mentors where treated to a tour of Maud Sulter’s Syrcas currently exhibited at Autograph ABP until the 2nd April.

Special thanks to Karin Bareman; exhibitions and projects, and Louise Taylor; London College of Communication WP Student Retention Co-ordinator.

Filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt

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