A Face in a Foreign Space – “Ever Young” James Barnor on the panel // 19.04.16

As part of Diversity Matters Awareness Week, we’re collaborating with UAL Culture and Travel Society for an evening Exploring Personal Growth From Cultural Experiences Through Travel and photography!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 01.48.50This event is an opportunity to explore how cultural experiences, both home and away, impact our perspective of life experiences. Sharing his amazing journey on the evening will be 84yrs old “Ever Young” renowned photographer James Barnor! The evening will be followed by a book signing (TBC). Join us for an evening of inspiration, travel adventures and embracing cultural diversity!

The panel:

James Barnor Born in 1929 in Ghana, then the Gold Coast, James Barnor has left an incisive mark on the history of photography. From the establishment of his Ever Young photo studio in Accra in the 1950s, to international assignments for the influential magazine Drum, he captured societies in transition: a burgeoning Ghana, marching toward independence, and Swinging Sixties London growing into a multicultural metropolis. His book Ever Young published in Oct 2015 is available to buy online.

Paul Iwala is a London based photographer with a gifted eye. Amalgamating an academic and creative, driven, approach. A member of The National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Paul has engaged in a number of long and medium term assignments for the past 20 years. A reporter who has been published in a range of media including The Guardian, Italian Alghero Eco, and has also self published. www.pauliwala.com

Mariana Gordan – Romanian artist and writer, Mariana Gordan speaks of her dramatic encounters narrowly escaping 30 years in a Communist jail, captivated in her book “cold-war memoir”.  www.marianagordan.com

Kai Lutterodt is a committee member of UAL Culture and Travel Society, and journalism student at London College of Communication. Kai’s passion for culture and travel has taken her around the world, often on self-funded projects using ‘blogging’ as a platform to share her experiences and document those of others. In 2013 Kai embarked on a 3 month stay in Brazil to research and explore “Afro-Brazilian” culture. She’s currently working on a children’s book, diversity and inclusion activism, and exploring documentary filmmaking to share the stories she uncovers both at home in London, and around the world during her travels.www.travelmakerkai.com

CLICK HERE to book for this FREE event! Open to UAL students, staff and their guests.

About “Diversity Matters Awareness Week: Let’s Talk About Race”

From the 18th – 22nd April Diversity Matter have organised events which focus on race matters in our learning environment and beyond, allowing for discussion on the low percentage of BAME staff representation in UAL. (See UAL’s and Diversity Report 2015).CLICK HERE to find out more about Diversity Matters

Photo: Bahia Carnival by Kai Lutterodt




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